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Your hosting provider 100% French

Secures the sovereignty of your data !

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FRENCH TIER IV high-density hosting provider

Thésée Datcenter

Thésée Datcenter

32 rue du Clos de la Reine
78410 Aubergenville


Christophe Bouniol

Christophe Bouniol


Eric Arbaretaz

Eric Arbaretaz

Technical director

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thésée datacenter

Thésée DataCenter is a French colocation hosting services provider (from a few computer racks to a complete building) independent from any telecom operators and cloud providers, based in the western Paris region.
Thésée DataCenter is also targeting cloud-computing service companies as customers who are particularly vigilant about their infrastructures efficiency, requesting a high level of availability and willing to remain independent from the major players.


Thésée DataCenter is a 100% French legal and controlled company. In addition to the historical shareholders - Christophe Bouniol and Eric Arbaretaz, two institutional companies - the Banque des Territoires and the IDEC GROUP - own each 24.9% of the company. A pool of French banks is also supporting the financing of this project.

"With Thésée DataCenter, the Banque des Territoires contributes to the economic attractiveness of the territory and helps provide local players with very high-quality equipment to serve the resilience and quality of their IT production. It thus acts as a wise third-party investor serving territories that are both more connected but also more sustainable ” declares Marianne LOURADOUR, Ile-de-France Regional Director of the Banque des Territoires.

The GROUPE IDEC is joining forces through its subsidiary GROUPE IDEC INVEST in this ambitious operation which is part of its development in favor of sustainable, connected and intelligent real estate.

"The virtuous approach of this new generation Data Center finds its full meaning in the responsible approach adopted by the IDEC GROUP to imagine, fit-out, develop, design and build work and living spaces fully integrated into their environment", explains Lionel MARY, Managing Director of GROUPE IDEC INVEST.

About the Banque des Territoires

Created in 2018, the Banque des Territoires is one of the five businesses of the Caisse des Dépôts. It brings together in a single structure internal expertise for the territories. A single customer gateway, it offers tailor-made loan and investment advice and financing solutions to meet the needs of local communities, social housing organizations, local public enterprises and legal professionals. It is aimed at all territories, from rural areas to metropolitan areas, with the ambition of combating social inequalities and territorial fractures. The Banque des Territoires is deployed in the 16 regional offices and the 35 regional offices of Caisse des Dépôts in order to be better identified with its customers and as close as possible to them.

For more information: http://www.banquedesterritoires.fr

About the IDEC Group

Founded in 2000 by Patrice LAFARGUE, the IDEC GROUP is one of the rare global players in the French real estate market, present in all businesses (planning, development, investment, design-build) and all areas of activity (residential, industrial , logistics, activity, offices, commercial, interior design, etc.). The IDEC GROUP can thus provide a comprehensive and tailor-made response to its customers and partners: businesses, communities and individuals. Firmly established in France, the IDEC GROUP has been accelerating its international development for three years.

For more information: https://www.groupeidec.com/

Certificated Tiers IV

• Certificated Tiers IV in Île-de-France
• Availability 99.99% – 24h/24h

100% French hosting provider

• Secures the sovereignty of your data
• Calculate or store your sensitive information at home

Energetic efficiency

• Indirect Free-Cooling
• Adiabatic system
• No air contamination in rooms


• “Bunker” type datacenter / ISO 27001 standard
• Video surveillance and biometrics
• Software security
• 7 minimum physical access levels
• Very precocity fire detection


• Electric density
• Electrical scalability
• Competitive electricity economy

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) < 1,2

• Environmental performance
• Energy saving


• Neutral datacenter
• Fibre
• Operators
• Redundancy


Thésée Datacenter

• Easy access
• 25 minutes from Paris on the A13
• 20 minutes from La Défense on the A14
• Aubergenville station (Departure from Saint-Lazare or La Défense station)
contact information

Rue du Clos Reine 78410 Aubergenville


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Thésée DataCenter is a 100% French colocation hosting services provider (from a few bays to a complete building) independent and neutral towards telecom operators and cloud providers, based in the western part if the Paris region.
Having as shareholders the IDEC Group and the Banque des Territoires, a subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, Thésée DataCenter targets private and public customers who are committed to the security and sovereignty of their data.
Thésée DataCenter is also targeting cloud-computing service companies as customers who are particularly vigilant to have efficient infrastructures, with a high level of availability and to dispose of independence towards the major players.



Thésée DataCenter

32 rue du Clos Reine

78410 Aubergenville



Téléphone: 01 85 83 03 80

Phone: +33 185830380