Thésée DataCenter is equipped to accommodate the most demanding applications, including those requiring the highest computing power.

The datacenter has an HPC (High Power Computing) system, able to perform in-depth analysis as well as generating artificial intelligence solutions.

This high-performance computing system meets the need to increase computing power to achieve much highest standards and performance. High Power Computing consists in combining the power of several thousand processors to perform complex calculations at high speed and the processing of big data in real-time.

The term applies essentially to systems providing more than one teraflop of power, and therefore capable of processing more than 1,012 floating-point operations per second.

The term HPC is sometimes used as a synonym for supercomputing whereas from a pure technical perspective this system operates computers in a similar manner but at the highest possible operational rate.

HPC solutions are based on three main elements: compute, network, and storage.

This is the future of data centers technology, as the demand for real-time data processing will grow, and therefore it becomes essential for IT data centers to benefit from HPC solutions

HPC is also used in conjunction with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in many fields such as the autonomous vehicles or new cancer detection techniques.

The infrastructure of Thésée DataCenter is “HPC Ready”: ready to host the highest-level active equipment essential for these applications.