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Thésée DataCenter is a datacenter campus in the French Île-de-France region certified Tier IV by the Uptime Institute. Achieving this highest level of certification implies that Thésée DataCenter is a so-called “fault-tolerant” site, meaning that no incident can impact IT production due to the very technical design of the infrastructures.
The Thésée DataCenter’s management and operations process will comply with ISO 50.001 – which certifies the very high-energy efficiency of the datacenter – and ISO 14.001 which certifies the optimal management of environmental aspects.
Property security is also set at the highest standards, from the design of buildings in bunker mode, the securing of all openings, and the management of movements (intelligent airlock, strong authentication, biometrics, video surveillance, intrusion detection, surveillance 24 / 24H, etc.). Fire safety is reinforced by a dedicated detection system.
Finally, software protection is entrusted to a company of experts, a center that brings together Cyber Defense specialists. Thésée DataCenter applies all the rules and recommendations of ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security).



The PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness – the indicator of energy efficiency) will be less than 1.2, one of the very best PUEs in France. This energy performance will make it possible to achieve a price level much lower than the standards of the Parisian market, for Tier IV Data centers.
This very low PUE is the result of a still very innovative technology: Indirect Free Cooling, which drastically reduces energy consumption. This, therefore, results in a large energy-saving, with equal performance, and therefore also a significant reduction in the carbon footprint.
This technology, therefore, provides advantages both from an economic and environmental point of view.
Also with the aim of improving the energy model of the datacenter, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution has been implemented in order to make the best use of resources. Based on a physical measurement device at any point, the self-learning solution allows real-time and automatic control of key points of the operation of Data Centers, and in particular of their air conditioning.



With six buildings with two rooms of 534 m2 in the long term, the total surface of the campus will reach 6,400 m2.
(See our 3D video)
Adaptable, the data center campus will offer electrical power modularity from the opening, which may vary from 1 to 3 MW per building. The campus will thus be able to meet the most varied demands in terms of IT surface, from the simple bay to the cage or the private room. If necessary, it will be possible to have your own private data center on our campus.
Thésée DataCenter will offer the same adaptability for electricity density, or for the type of urbanization. Data centers will be an optimized and economically very relevant solution for accommodating high power racks (up to 30 kW / rack) and the most critical applications.

Thésée DataCenter is a 100% French colocation hosting services provider (from a few bays to a complete building) independent and neutral towards telecom operators and cloud providers, based in the western part if the Paris region.

We offer our customers a Tier4 Facilities certified infrastructure by the Uptime Institute with a level of security and sobriety unmatched in France. Our shareholders under French law (Caisse des dépôts and IDEC group) guarantee our stability and sovereignty. Our land and electricity reserve (20 MW) coupled with our expertise allow us to support our customers in a sustainable way. To best meet your collocation expectations, we design high-density solutions with efficient cooling technologies. Constantly evolving, we are ahead of tomorrow’s environmental, technological and resilience challenges.



Thésée DataCenter

32 rue du Clos Reine

78410 Aubergenville



Téléphone: 01 85 83 03 80

Phone: +33 185830380