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Why Thésée Datacenter ?


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why choose thésée datacenter ?

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Economic benefit

The very low PUE due to a level of energy efficiency makes the hosting offer of Thésée DataCenter particularly attractive from a cost perspective. The energy cost is almost exclusively driven by the IT servers consumption, whereas our infrastructure itself has a very low in consumption.

Technical advantage

The new generation datacenter campus is certified by the Uptime Institute at the “TIER IV” level, which means “fault tolerance”. Nothing can stop IT production. Designed to be operational all the time, with a maximum degree of reliability and availability, Thésée DataCenter is the best choice to host your critical applications.
Plan suivant d'un ingénieur informatique se promenant dans le couloir du centre de données

Carbon advantage

By design and level of energy efficiency, the hosting offered by Thésée DataCenter is one of the most virtuous in terms of carbon footprint. But other aspects are also integrated into the environmental equation: use of water, treatment of effluents, waste management, for example. All these elements enable us to contribute to your own Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

"HPC Ready"

Our campus is ready to host your computing equipment, whether it is Artificial Intelligence, Deep Analysis, Deep Learning, simulation, rendering, … All these applications which require very strong computing powers are welcome in our facilities.

Ready for growth

Our offers are flexible in time, in power level, and in surface, to best support each stage and the pace of your development.

Thésée DataCenter is a 100% French colocation hosting services provider (from a few bays to a complete building) independent and neutral towards telecom operators and cloud providers, based in the western part if the Paris region.

We offer our customers a Tier4 Facilities certified infrastructure by the Uptime Institute with a level of security and sobriety unmatched in France. Our shareholders under French law (Caisse des dépôts and IDEC group) guarantee our stability and sovereignty. Our land and electricity reserve (20 MW) coupled with our expertise allow us to support our customers in a sustainable way. To best meet your collocation expectations, we design high-density solutions with efficient cooling technologies. Constantly evolving, we are ahead of tomorrow’s environmental, technological and resilience challenges.



Thésée DataCenter

32 rue du Clos Reine

78410 Aubergenville



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